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About Highland Cattle

We have been raising registered Highland Cattle for over 10 years and are members of the Canadian Highland Cattle Society. Highland Cattle are easily recognized for their long thick, hairy coats and broad set of horns. Their coats keep them warm in the winter and cool in the summer. 

Their heavy coats insulates against a harsh climate and reduces the need to develop excess fat. Recently studies in both North America and the Uk have shown that Highland beef is consistently low in fat content and cholesterol than other breeds. It is so lean that it compares with chicken and fish fat content. The marbling of the beef gives the same tenderness and tastiness as other larger breeds. Studies in the US have verified that Highland Beef is 38% lower in fat content and 4% lower in cholesterol than steaks from local supermarkets.


All packages of beef come frozen and labeled. Custom orders are taken. Whole, halves & quarters are sold by hung weight at $5.00/pound. Individual cuts are sometimes available

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Breeders of Registered Highland Cattle